Easy to keep track of all your cryptocurrency investments, with Fiftyline

SyncingAutomatic Syncing

Secure, automatic syncing and track performance. We support most popular exchanges. You will be able to easily view and keep track of all your investment accounts in a single app.

NotificationsGet real-time notifications

Easy to create an alert. Receive notifications via Email, Telegram, SMS, or push notifications on your iOS or Android device.

Special ReportsMake your decisions right

By using big data and machine learning, we provide some special reports to help you analyze the market and Improve your decision-making.

Our customers

There are a hundreds of thousand of people globally that invest in cryptocurrency, from day traders to investors, from small fish to sharks. But there is a lack of quality of cryptocurrency investment & management options. With Fiftyline, all types of traders are saving time and easy to keep track of all their investments in one place.

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